Friday night

Busty London EscortA few stories get to be truths not by being valid but rather by being short, sharp, effortlessly transmittable bits of data. Beam Davies was a recorder and satiriser of Sixties Britain and The Kinks’ tune ‘Waterloo Sunset’ was a depiction of swinging London Escorts, with its characters Terry and Julie meeting at Waterloo station each Friday night based upon the attractive symbols of the period Julie Christie and Terence Stamp. Everybody realizes that Ray Davies viewed from his window as they crossed the stream for untold undertakings. You know it, I know it, Terence Stamp knew it when met about his review at the adjacent British Film Institute in May 2013.

Truths are precarious things and not generally taking into account any genuine event, especially when the truth of the actuality originates from the regularly unstable personality of an essayist or artist. ‘Waterloo Sunset’, the melody recolored with the tears of incalculable Londoners, a gathering not regularly offered over to wistfulness, began life as a song to Mersey-beat called ‘Liverpool Sunset’. The Liverpool Echo happily cited Ray Davies in its 14 May 2010 issue as saying ‘Liverpool is my most loved city, and the melody was initially called Liverpool Sunset,’ going ahead to broadcast ‘London Escorts was home, I’d grown up there, however I get a kick out of the chance to think I could be a received Escorts in London. My heart is certainly there.’ It ought to be noticed that Davies was going to play the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall when he gave the meeting.

So Terry and Julie may have had altogether different accents? Presumably not as, as per a ‘Behind the Song’ segment in the Independent dated 9 March 1998, once the change was produced using Liverpool to Waterloo, Davies could consolidate the scene of endless individuals streaming out of Waterloo underground like another messy old waterway. The couple at the station were not Terence Stamp and Julie Christie, but rather Davies’ young nephew Terry. Davies’ brother by marriage had quite recently emigrated to Australia and he envisioned Arthur’s young child grown-up, back in London Escorts and meeting his better half. The Independent article conjectured that Julie symbolized England, so may have been founded on Julie Christie alone.